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Enterprise IP NetworkBMS is an application of technology to improve the building environment and functionality for occupants/tenants while controlling costs…

A BMS consists of hardware & software.

Arwen’s focus in the building management domain is the following:

  • Building Automation
  • Physical Security System
    CCTV / IP SurveillanceAccess Control
  • Public Address
  • Public Display
  • Integration with the Fire Monitoring

Benefits of BMS

  • Effective Energy Management Lower Cost of Energy & Avoiding Waste
  • Improve Security – Video Surveillance & Access Control
  • Better maintenance of equipment and infrastructure
  • Improve safety – Automate evacuation procedure
  • Support tenant billing – Metering
  • Efficient use of staff due to centralized control and monitoring System
  • Enterprise Level building Management

Building Automation

Building automation primarily deals with the control and monitoring of electrical and mechanical systems used in large commercial buildings and smaller residential compounds. E.g.

  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control.
  • Lighting control
  • Generator and UPS monitoring
  • Water and booster pump control
  • Water and diesel tank monitoring
  • Hard-wired Fire Alarm Interface
  • Electrical and chilled water metering
  • Integration to other systems Arwen Tech provides a modular and Hierarchical solution for Building automation using solutions from its principal Honeywell / Trend:

Access Control System

  • Can provide cards and readers for a variety of applications.
  • Networked solutions possible for large installations.

Access Control List

DDC Controller

At the heart of the Building automation solution is the Trend IQ3, Direct Digital Controller (DDC). It has a built-in web interface and universal inputs and outputs. With the addition of external add on input and output modules, it can increase the range of I/Os to 128.
The IQ3 controllers are IP based and can form large internetworks over existing Ethernet.

DDC Controller

Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Provides both fixed and PTZ cameras:

  • Night sense and other specialized cameras available
  • Intelligent cameras with intelligence embedded in the cameras and not in the central software
  • Complete network storage solutions based on SCSI and iSCSI
  • Command and control center management solutions for small and large installations.

TREND Supervisor View

The IQ3 controllers can work fully in stand alone operation or integrate as art of the larger IP based network

TREND Supervisor View

Using Graphical displays on PC work stations, a structured control and monitoring environment is created. A sample screen shot of an AHU plant is shown below:

TREND Supervisor View

Digital Public Address System

All in one solution for background sound, alarm and messaging service

  • Based on Bosch Praesedio with over 2000 large installations world wide.
  • EVAC compliant
  • Provides a supervised and redundant network.
  • Encompassing a Modular and expandable architecture.

Physical Security

For Physical Security, Arwen is focusing on the following solutions:

  • Access Control
  • IP based Video Surveillance
  • Public Address

Our solutions are based on Bosch Security systems form Germany.


Digital Display (Signage)

Arwen’s Digital Display solution is based on Cisco’s Digital Media Service.
It encompasses the following:

  • A single solution to deliver compelling digital media contents to audiences both on site– in the branch, on campus, an in other location.
  • Scalability to reach thousands of customers and users
  • Integration with the underlying network for easy and rapid deployment and management, and optimal content delivery
  • Ability to stream live broadcast feeds over IP to digital displays, allowing TV like experience where end users can interact through remote control

Digital Display

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ICONICS is an award-winning Microsoft based SCADA application. It constitutes a web-enabled, OPC-based, HMI/ SCADA Visualization and Manufacturing Intelligence software. It is a flexible tool designed for a wide range of industrial applications such as:

  • Building Automation: Security, Military, Schools, Government
  • Discrete/Factory: Automotive, CPG, High Tech, Machines, Material Handling
  • Process: Pharmaceuticals, Oil & Gas, Chemical, Food & Beverage
  • Utilities: Water, Waste Water, Power Generation and Transmission
  • Transportation: Airports, Trains, Ships, Harbours

Some Key Features

  • Easy Configuration
  • Web-Enabled, Portal Enabled
  • Open, Fast, Reliable and Scalable based on OPC and also integrates easily to Modbus, BACnet and SNMP.
  • Powerful Reporting & Data Management
  • Integrates to SQL, Oracle and SAP
  • Supports Multimedia Alarming and Notification
  • Supports Visual Basic scripting and ActiveX embedding
ICONICS Integration
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