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PTCL-PIE (Pakistan Internet Exchange) Up-gradation and Expansion by Arwen Tech

Arwen Tech to Upgrade and expand existing PTCL PIE Infrastructure. Expansion and up-gradation of the existing network of Pakistan Internet Exchange (PIE), which includes the provisioning of new Core Routers with Gigabit capacity installed at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Main routers with MPLS supported IOS to implement MPLS VPNs for corporate users at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Distribution Routers deployed for the expansion of PIE network at different locations. It also includes backup Routers, Switches, necessary modules and backup DC rectifiers required to minimize the downtime in case of equipment failure.

This project includes the connectivity of 34 Telephone exchanges in 19 major cities of Pakistan. Following distinctions come along with the signing of this project:
1. Pakistan’s first MPLS deployment includes Cisco 7200 class of routers and 6500 class of switches
2. One year maintenance of the MPLS network
3. Training of PTCL staff