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MCB Bank: Cisco Telepresence

MCB management took a visionary stance to enable true collaboration within the organization by increasing the frequency of face to face interaction while reducing intercity travel time and cost.

The decision came in the form of Cisco’s Telepresence which is a very powerful tool that enables real time interaction between people sitting thousands of miles apart and offers a viable alternative to travel.

The implementation of Telepresence at MCB, resulted in:

  • Accelerated decision making
  • Reduced business travel cost
  • Better collaboration between employees

Sindh Police: Traffic Management System

Arwen Tech has implemented a Traffic Management & Surveillance System located in the e- police directorate for the Sindh Police. The system has been deployed to cover and manage the key intersections to monitor the flow of traffic and avoid congestion. The streaming videos from the locations terminate at the command and control center located at the CCPO office Karachi.

The technologies used in the system are from renowned brands such as Cisco & Bosch.

Karachi Stock Exchange: Security Information Management (SIEM)

Arwen Tech has successfully deployed RSA Envision Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution at KSE.

The RSA envision implementation addresses every aspect of KSE security information and event management needs – including log collection, alerting and correlation, incident management, and reporting and analysis for compliance

Mobilink: Data Center

Arwen Tech was selected as Technology Partner to upgrade Mobilink’s core data center at NTO building located in Karachi.

The technologies that went into up gradation included Cisco & Systimax.

LESCO: Core Network Connectivity

Arwen Tech successfully connected more than two hundred remote locations of Lahore Electric Supply Corporation.

Furthermore, Arwen Tech was also engaged in the design & implementation of the data center & DR site for LESCO.

Askari Bank: PERTO ATM Machines

Arwen Tech is the authorized agent of PERTO ATM machines for Pakistan. Having country of origin Brazil, PERTO ATM machines were launched in 2010 in Pakistan.

Askari Bank is the first local Bank who after going through all rigorous tests gained confidence and then decided to procure PERTO ATMs for its customers needs.

PERTO’s design and manufacturing products of high responsibility integrates precision mechanics and electronics for applications in banking and retail automation.

MCB Bank: Enterprise Data Network

Financial Institutions rely heavily on secure, highly available networks to deliver their many applications and services to customers, employees and other users. In this context MCB has revamped their existing core network infrastructure to provide better, reliable, optimized and secured services to their customers.

MCB’s enterprise data network comprises of Core Networks and Branch VPN Networks, which ensure high performance, secure application, fully redundant Core and Branch aggregation, and Scalable design. This deployment helps the Bank meet its financial business requirements such as:

  • Banking Application traffic (SYMBOL etc)
  • ATM traffic
  • Email Traffic
  • Business critical traffic
  • Intranet Traffic
  • Voice & Video Traffic