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In today’s world, businesses need to act quickly, without the burdens or delays of international travel. Businesses must take action to reduce carbon emissions, a problem that is growing exponentially. Studies have estimated twice as many air travel passengers in 20 years. Businesses need to act to reduce their impact, and save the environment.
Technology has become increasingly sophisticated and complex, rather than facilitating collaboration. It is vital that a company’s communications are simple, measurable and effective.

The TelePresence solution lets you interact and collaborate in person with others worldwide like never before. Using high-definition video, advanced audio, and finely tuned ambient elements, the solution delivers live, immersive, face-to-face experiences over the network. Very simple to operate, the solution allows you to feel as if you are in the same room with remote participants.

TelePresence can help you balance productivity and growth goals with corporate citizenship by supporting green initiatives (reduce fuel usage and emissions). Offering a truly viable alternative to travel without compromise, this solution can also help you address business continuity concerns with immediate, highly effective communications.

Our Expertise

Arwentech has deployed Cisco Telepresence Solution for MCB at there two main locations Lahore and Karachi. There are two CTS-3010 Units deployed in these locations to enable employees to make virtual meetings. The solution is utilizing following components:

  • One CTS-3010 system located in Lahore
  • One CTS-3010 systems located in Karachi
  • One primary and one secondary CUCM located in Lahore
  • One CTS-Manager located in Lahore

The deployment includes ability to have point-to-point calls between the two endpoints. The network is also designed and deployed using Cisco CTS Manager software which includes integration with MCB’s Active Directory / Exchange 2003 environment for facilitating call scheduling and setup from Microsoft Exchange. This enables MCB’s end users to schedule, initiate, and manage Cisco TelePresence experiences with “one-touch” call launch capabilities.